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That's something that I would have wanted to know what I was going on testosterone and it's something I'm very personally happy with him how to as I think that it’s important that included so all that being said here is my one year on testosterone video and hope you guys enjoy it meet you at the end so obviously but I love this you can see this is my coming-out video I am transgender which means that even though I was born biologically a female I've always felt like I was a boy I identified as a male my is seeking Mitch me dunes in with two Mara no balm and manholes key my yes here I'm Tyler nice to meet you and I'm transgender I’ve been living as a guy it's been a challenge I guess for everyone to start using male pronouns in calling me Tyler and stuff like that it’s it's a process that's rarely say because it even wait for me sometimes this yesterday was a really big day for me it was Thursday January thirtieth and I got my first shot testosterone and I’m so excited here's the video he didn't see on Face book it is now hey guys whets up it is Tyler and thesis my one month on testosterone update video the way hey guys its high I am now in 10 weeks or two and a half months on testosterone was hey what's up you guys it is Tyler and Aim now three months on testosterone some okay with that because it is Tyler and Ian L for four months on testosterone truth be told Eliza mother err and I procrastinated put this video of for a long time so I actually closer to five months on disaster and I am before goodbye to those who me with well I can delegate owned a good time for a lactation door to door to door doubling don't change just got to gottagotta got to go to give you the hey what's up you guys it is Tyler and I now five months on testosterone you it this hey what's up you guys it is Tyler and I’m out six months on testosterone death stuff I every time you guys I'm.


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